Turned wooden bowls have been an elementary part of domestic life during the middle ages. They have been used for drinking, eating, cooking, storing food or for different kinds of craftsmansship. Therefor everyone should have at least one of them. Many turned bowls were found in the Augustinian Hermitage in Freiburg (Müller). The bowls of Tafel 6 Nr. 9,10,15,18 and Tafel 4 Nr. 14,15,16,17 and Tafel 7 Nr. 9,10 are all dated to the late 13th century. More
Carolingian Tulip Boots

I usually make high/late medieval shoes. But from time to time a somewhat different inquiry comes up on my desk. And if this is interesting, I like to do it. So also in this case. The goal was to create Carolingian tulip boots as you can find them in the Stuttgart Psalter (Cod.bibl.fol.23 dated on 620-630) Picture of tulip boots from the Stuttgart Psalter (Cod.bibl.fol.23) dated to 620-630 The name comes from the distinctive shape of the top opening. More
Different types of seams used for medieval turnshoes

During construction of medieval shoes one needs to use many different types of seams. Since there are a lot of well preserved finds from the medieval period which show exactly how the different parts of turnshoes have been attached, we also know a lot about construction of medieval shoes. The most known categorization of seams for medieval shoes was published by Olaf Goubitz (Goubitz). It is also the widely used system for distinguishing seams in literature and finding reports. More

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything new. But at least I was productive when it came to making shoes. Some of them have left my workshop during the last months and I would like to show them here. Ankle-high cowhide shoes Here are some ankle-high shoes with laces. One of the most frequently found types for the 13th century, worn far before and after 1. More

On some living-history/reenactement events there is no sleeping area inside a building available. Since I do not want to always ask for a place in someone else tent I wanted to buy my own one. But which type should I buy? Most of the time I will need this tent when I am alone or on smaller events. Therefore setting it up alone shouldn’t be too hard. Cone tents seem to be perfect for this use case. More